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Bye bye Japan!

Posted by gingagajin on July 25, 2006

Well i am now in Tokyo on the night before I fly back to Manchester and can’t wait to get back but at the same time, I am really starting to miss all the awesome people that I have met out here.  I never thought in a million years that I would miss a bunch of people that couldn’t speak English but as I have got to know their culture and lifestyles I have grown to have nothing but respect for these amazing people.

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Posted by gingagajin on July 19, 2006

I know it’s a couple of days late but here is a review of an extremely eventful Monday!

It started out earlier than I maybe would have liked my day off to start but this was due to my colleague and now very good friend Matthew left, which has left me as the last English speaker (as in from England) at Itayangi, but don’t fear, I am still going to the toilet rather than the *bathroom.

In the afternoon we went to see M I:3, which I thought was actually ok, I can’t be bothered giving a proper review but I would definitely give it a good 7 out of 9.3!

Then in the evening I was invited to go to a families house for supper along with the Ghent children. At the meal we had sukiyaki , which basically consisted of boiling beef and veggies then dipping it into raw egg then eating, it took a bit of getting used to as I am not really used to eating raw egg.dscf0241.JPGdscf0240.JPG



The pictures are of the raw egg, the beef and the awesome but crazy family that we ate with (Hoshi, Miyo and Shuhei Yasuta).dscf0243.JPG

*I do actually go to the bathroom aswell as I do wash, this was the only example that I could think of to explain me not yet using Americanisms! 

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tokeru!!!! (i’m melting!!!!)

Posted by gingagajin on July 14, 2006

Today it is 32 degrees, and because its rainy season (although it’s not raining at the moment) it is also extremely humid, on average I am going through three t shirts a day and feel permanently rank!

In othr news a team from the Tokyo Christian University are here at the moment and I am slowly starting to convince them that they should support Manchester City, I have already converted a few of the Japanese students in the church to the wonders of the blues and will soon try to teach them Blue Moon.

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